Handball shoes

Asics adidas, , , , , , , ... These are just some of the Hummel Kempa Mizuno Nike Salming Puma indoorshoe brands that are a must in the world of handball. Worn by professional handball players, these brands are among the most popular indoor shoe brands. And with good reason: the technology deployed makes it possible to achieve a certain level of performance on the court.

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How to choose your handball shoes?

Because it's important to choose the right pair of handball shoes, Handball-Store can help you choose the right pair of handball sneakers to raise your level and beat your opponents on the court.

Handball shoes by level

Handball shoes for beginners

Are you a beginner? You don't have to go for the most advanced models! When you're learning, you'll be concentrating more on the basics of handball, such as passing, jumping, shooting, catching and fixing. A pair of lightweight handball shoes with good support will be more than enough!

Handball shoes for experienced players

So, you've learned the basics of handball and even the roucoulette? Congratulations, you're now an experienced handball player! Your movements and movements are more confident, and your commitment during matches is more intense. But as an experienced player, you probably don't yet have a specific position. To juggle the different positions on the court, you need versatile handball shoes that combine lightness, resistance and cushioning.

Handball shoes for expert players

Congratulations, you've become an expert handball player! Your position is now fixed, so you need a pair of handball shoes perfectly suited to your profile. Whether you're a power player or a quick-thinking player, here are our handball shoe recommendations for your position! Now you've got no excuse not to win every match you play!

Handball shoes by position

Handball shoes for the back

There are a number of features to consider when choosing a pair of handball shoes for the back. First of all, because your playing position requires you to make a lot of runs and jumps, and each of your receptions generates shocks, you need a handball shoe that provides cushioning. It's also important to have stable footing so you're firmly anchored in the ground: so choose a pair of handball shoes that will give you stability. You'll need a grippy handball shoe to manage your changes of direction. Finally, choose a shoe that offers breathability and support.
Choose from our range of rear handball shoes: the Aerocharge HB200 from Hummel, the Attack Three Contender from Kempa or the Wave Phantom from Mizuno.

Handball shoes for wingers

To choose the best winger handball shoe, you need to focus on a number of features. Because, as a winger, you need to make a lot of runs and go on the counter-attack, choose a light, dynamic shoe. Of course, it's important to have a pair of handball shoes that offers you grip and stability. You should also opt for a handball sneaker that cushions your impact when landing jumps, not forgetting breathability and flexibility.
Let yourself be tempted by our handball shoes for wingers, such as the Wing from Kempa, the Thunder Blade from Mizuno or the Supreme Knit fromHummel.

Handball shoes for center halves

To raise your game and win every match as a center-half, you need a pair of handball shoes that combines grip, stability, breathability and flexibility. Are you a fullback? Choose a handball shoe with good cushioning to protect you from shocks and good support for greater freedom of movement. Are you a wing half-center? Don't forget lightness and dynamism when choosing ta handball shoes.
You can choose ta from a wide range of handball shoes, including the Lightning Z from Mizuno, the Wing from Kempa and the Aerospeed from Hummel.

Pivot handball shoes

Need a pair of pivot handball shoes? Here's what you need to know! Choose a shoe with cushioning to protect you from shocks, and stability to help you face your opponents while remaining firmly anchored to the ground. For better rotation, choose a pair of handball shoes with a circular zone under the sole. Finally, you need a handball shoe that offers grip, breathability and ankle support.
Choose from a wide range of pivot handball shoes, such as theAerochage from Hummel, theAttack Three Contender from Kempa or the Viper from Salming.

Handball shoes for goalkeepers

To best protect your goal from your opponent's balls, you need a pair of goalkeeper handball shoes that combine a number of features. The most important criterion is protection: choose a pair of handball shoes reinforced at the front. Of course, you'll need a pair that offers grip, support and stability, so you can move around quickly. Handball shoes for goalkeepers should also be shock-absorbing and have a thin sole for a better feel.
Choose from our range of handball shoes for goalkeepers: the LIGA GK from Hummel, the Goalie 91 from Salming or the famous adidas Spezial, classic or Boost!