Atorka handball

Our ball offer Atorka Decathlon handball meets all users and handball enthusiasts, from the youngest champions to the most experienced handball players.the young French brand by Decathlon already has a wide range of products that meet the specific needs of the sport and adapted to the different levels and ages of its users.

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How to choose your handball Atorka?

Because it is important to choose the right handball , Handball-Store offers you to help you to choose the right handball to raise your level and beat your opponent on the court.

Handballs Atorka by level

Handballs Atorka for juniors and/or beginners

Are you a beginner? The handball Atorka H100 is available in two different models, so you don't have to be afraid to play handball.This light handball facilitates the learning of the rebound and the first technical gestures.

Handballs Atorka for advanced players

Have you learned the basics of handball and even how to roll? Well done, you are now an experienced handball player! The Atorka H500 handball is the ideal ball for the advanced player. Its hybrid construction with foam laminations gives it just extraordinary flexibility, and its outer component also makes it possible to play handball with or without resin in a very suitable way.

Handballs Atorka for expert players

Congratulations, you have become an expert handball player! Your playing position is now fixed and you need a handball that is perfectly adapted to your profile. We advise you the handball Atorka H900 declined in size 2 and size 3. The French brand created by Decathlon has completely revised its structure in order to guarantee a resistance always at the top but to gain enormously in comfort of play. Atorka They have completely reworked the frame, the lamination and the products used, but also put a new bladder and elaborated the design for an even better grip.

Handballs Atorka for Beach Handball

Discover the new beach ball! It's the beach handball you need for your best beach handball games, whether it's for fun with your friends or for club tournaments.

Many new references of handballs Atorka are still to come during the year.